ICP Planning


Insurance often forms a cornerstone for effectively transitioning family wealth from one generation to the next. ICP Planning LTD. develops insurance strategies to manage this transition and provide the family and their advisors a detailed plan.

What's Involved

Insurance can be used to properly balance an estate and eliminate potential family disputes when assets aren’t easily divisible.

Build up significant tax sheltered assets within an insurance policy to allow for more tax efficient retirement income.

Insurance can often be a significantly more cost effective way to manage potential terminal tax liabilities while not worrying about liquidity or market conditions.

“I want to leave money for the kids, but I have worked so hard and I want to enjoy what I have built” – Insurance can be a way to establish the inheritable amount, thus allowing you to enjoy the estate you have built up while not diminishing the amount left to the next generation.

ICP Planning has developed insurance solutions that allow for significant tax benefits to business owners while they are alive to see the benefits.

Use insurance to create a longstanding family legacy as well as replace assets used to fund charitable endeavours when you are alive.